Natural Alternative for Paraffin Wax


A new high-performance candle wax component, derived from locally produced vegetable oil

Galata Chemicals is dedicated to serving its customers with environmentally preferred
technical solutions. We developed Soypex® as an excellent alternative to supply-limited petroleum-based paraffin and performance-constrained conventional natural waxes. It is designed to be blended with and partially replace conventional waxes to significantly reduce soot and smoke formation, improving indoor air quality.

Pre-dissolving fragrances in Soypex®100 at low temperatures preserves fragrance integrity during production of scented candles. With excellent glass adhesion and increased burn time, waxes containing Soypex®100 can be used in both container and pillar candle products of high renewable content and deliver a superior product to the consumer.

Contact our sales and technical specialists so we can assist you in incorporating Soypex® technology into your candle waxes and products.